At TimeTraverse, we are building a world class cloud service to securely store, easily access and privately share your photographs and videos.

It is said that there are two ways of recording an event, either by writing about them or by taking a photograph. The plummeting prices of cameras, their integration in cellular devices as well as ease of sharing photographs have led to photographs being the medium of choice to record our lives. Under this scenario, the effusion of photographs has been considerable. As we start taking more photographs, we need a means of storing and sharing them securely. This is the need addressed by TIMETRAVERSE.

In this age of unprecedented internet use, it is very important to provide the user with a seamless cross service experience. The impact of social networking on our lives and everyday interactions is undeniable. One of the reasons for the widespread usage of social networking websites is their ability to quickly share photographs. Thus as a natural consequence, with the rise in popularity of such sites, digital media have assumed rejuvenated importance in our everyday lives.

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